2013 Everest Ultra Race flyer

Click to enlarge.

Full image is here for download.

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One Response to 2013 Everest Ultra Race flyer

  1. Martin Hughes says:


    Good to meet you at the Wheatsheaf last night. Your son and his friend were very good and got high praise from the seasoned musicians.

    Definately up for doing the 2013 Everest Ultra. Training starts Sunday with the London to Brighton cycle ride followed by a one day 50 mile walk along the South Downs Way, climbing volcanoes in Iceland in July and the Dolomites in September.

    Another subject. Took a look at your artwork. If you ever fance doing an exhibition in the Stable you’d be welcome. We’ve just had a month long exhibition of the Binnie Sisters opened by Andrew Wilson, curator of mordern art at the Tate. It was very successful.

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