This race is the latest Himalayan Challenge devised by Jan Turner and Ramesh Bhattachan. It comes with a pedigree of races behind it that includes The Everest Marathon, The Annapurna Triathlon, The Kathmandu Marathon and The Annapurna 100.

 The Starters of the first Everest Ultra 2010

The Starters of the first Everest Ultra 2010

This is The Highest Ultra in the World. Although designed to minimise risk by making the course initially a downhill start, it does include some arduos uphill sections at altitude. This is a challenging race that has a degree of risk attached to it.

All participants take part purely at their own risk and no responsibility will taken for the conditions of the course or the risks associated with altitude.

The course is on trekking paths, water stations and medical posts will be provided. All participants must be part of the tour group and come under the umbrella of the Everest Ultra Organisation. This next race will take place on March 30th 2013.

This is a purely non profit organisation raising money to promote Nepali long distance runners.

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  1. Hello, I’m a runner from Brazil and I was wondering if any Brazilian runner ever raced there. How do I subscribe and how much is it. Thanks a lot!

  2. Anil Gupta says:

    I would take part in the 2015 ultra marathon when can I sigh in for the registration.I live in London U.k
    Anil Gupta

  3. Rohan Muir says:

    Hi there,

    I am a trail runner from New Zealand, I would like to know when registration opens for the 2015 race?

    Kind regards,

  4. Stephan Godfrey says:

    If you are organising the Everest 65 Ultra for the same time in 2015, I would be very interested. An early indication of dates would be appreciated as I’ll have to book the time off of work asap. Many Thanks

  5. Brian Daly says:

    Hi I was wondering the costs involved in this event ?

  6. Joel says:

    Do you guys have any info on the race for 2014? I’m very interested.

  7. Nic Tinworth says:

    Hey guys – any info on the 2014 race? Will be at EBC end of March and hoping it’s the same time of year as it was for 2013 so I can get a run back to Lukla ;)

  8. basant rai says:

    hi jan@ramesha sir miss u sho mucha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dave says:

    We stayed in the same tea house as the entrants in Pangboche, we were doing the 3 passes so only got to Lobuche the day after the race. Hope it went well.

  10. Follow us on twitter @everestultra

    • Michael Kabicher says:

      Dear Organisers!
      I am trekking around Everest Base amp and Gorak Shep in March with my friend.
      It would be great to participate in the race. Unfortunately I cannot join you on the acclimatisation trek because my friend wants to do a similar route but not the same, alone with me. But I am familiar with hihg altitude and also long distance races..
      Is it possible to join you maybe 3 days before the start and race with you then?

      Have some nice days around Christmas with friends and family!


      Michael from Austria

  11. Magar Subarna says:

    As far as received information Sudip Kulung won the 2012 everest ultra race but the formal results have to wait. Cheers

  12. Mike Hubburd says:

    When and on what page will you be posting the 2012 results?

  13. richard says:

    For all competitors – new facebook page here – please share your pictures!

  14. Subarna Thapa Magar says:

    Is there any update NEWS who will win the 2012 race? When we may able to see the latest result?

  15. Isaac Chung says:

    Hi Jan, On Apr.13 during my trek from Namche to Lukla I took photos of some of the runners in the Ultra Race. I would like to share these with you and the participants. I am a marathon runner myself.

  16. Subarna Thapa Magar says:

    Is there any update NEWS who will win the 2012 race?

  17. Magar Subarna says:

    When we are able to see the result of everest ultra 2nd edition? Eagerly waiting……

  18. jeffrey kasal says:

    Hey there,

    I registered a couple weeks ago and have heard nothing. I’d like to arrange my travel and move forward but need to hear from somebody. Jeff

  19. richard says:

    Please see the registration form now here: http://everestultra.com/register/

  20. Pav says:

    How do I register for this please? Thank you

  21. Paviter says:

    How do I register for this event please? Thank you

  22. Peter Goorts says:

    How do I subscribe ?

  23. Jan says:

    Thermals are good for the nights otherwise multi layers and a jacket…. I have always worn Nike running shoes all the way…. even in the snow!

    Get your visas at the airport.

  24. stephen woods says:

    Hi Stephen here from Ireland just some questions about the weather for the race what sort of gear is needed ?? visa’s ??


    • Jan says:

      Although we have experienced some snow at this time of year it is rarely a factor and usually above Pheriche. The temperature is usually above -5 at night so overall you are left only with the terrain and the altitude to worry about.

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